"From vocal and guitar skills to stage performance and mentoring Francesca is the best you can get."”

— Sam Zilli (Songwriter), Boston, MA

We, at BugByte, believe music is for everyone, not just the professionals. Music is part of the fabric of humanity and is an instinct that when encouraged, enriches both the individual and scholarship their. If properly massaged, this instinct can often be refined to levels that touch the hearts of audiences beyond our living rooms and backyards and into professional art  world for the masses. 

Francesca has been teaching all levels of clients for 17 years. Her clients have gone on to perform for the Oscars, in Carnegie Hall, they have gone on to win Emmy's and been involved in many Grammy Award winning projects. With a passion for giving back, Francesca continually keeps space in her studio for children and serious hobbyists. With an effort to reach out to her community, Francesca has opened BugByte School of Music where she mentors young teachers and directs group lessons. BugByte School of Music focuses on children music education for kids 0-17. We are rolling out our one for one village program, opening up scholarships for kids in our community. The school also affords Francesca the opportunity to mentor aspiring music teachers coming from within her private studio. In addition to in-person lessons, Francesca is also available for private and group lessons online. 

A classically trained multi instrumentalist, Francesca is most highly regarded as an artist development expert and coach. What does that mean?! Well... did you know that the vast majority of professional musicians primary instruments are not the instruments they started on? Guitar players become drummers, bass players become guitar players, singers become piano players and piano players become songwriters. Music has many levels and art has unlimited possibilities. An artist development expert, develops the artist, not just the instrument. Francesca's students learn that music is a language that can be expressed in ways they had never imagined. 

CSULA alumnae, and accomplished recording artist, Francesca shares her skills and experience with as many people as she can in a day, bringing her love and obsession for her craft to every situation. From classrooms, to concert halls, in studios and recordings, Francesca feels at home in most any musical setting.  

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I hardly noticed that we weren't in the same room (in fact we were 3,000 miles apart!). She's a truly gifted and accomplished teacher. ”

— Dr. April Martin (Recording Artist), New York, New York

With the miracles we carry in our pockets everyday (smartphones), Francesca can work with you virtually anywhere. Francesca has coached touring bands on different continents, clients in tv studios, and musicians all over the world, all from cell phones and/or laptops! Book a session today! 
Francesca is the voice coach I have been waiting for. Each time we meet I feel challenged and enlightened”

— Becky Combest (Singer), San Diego, CA

Each lesson with her I have learned valuable material to help me improve in all areas of being an artist! ”

— Lisa Gail Allred (Recording Artist), Austin, TX

May 2016 was Francesca's launch of online group lessons and Master Classes. As we BETA test these sessions, they are invitation only. However, throughout the year, classes will be added available to the public. We are very excited about this new tool that is allow us to reach even more folks across the globe! Expect to see our first classes available worldwide in JUNE!!!

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Working with someone who truly loves what they do is priceless."”

— Rhythm Rose Turner (Recording Artist), San Diego, CA

After three decades performing, and over a decade of training singers and developing artists, Francesca began sitting in the producers chair in 2007 and subsequently opened BugByte Studios in 2008. In that time, Francesca has been creativly involved in the recording and productions of countless genres. At home musically with a formal education in classical music and an expansive background in popular genres (rock and roll, country, folk, pop, hip hop, etc.) Francesca is not one to shy away from a creative project. BugByte Studios is packed with industry standard, professional gear to capture all of you audio needs. A favorite venue for voice over artists and singer songwriters alike, we follow two rules at BugByte: 1. Only work on projects you love. and 2. Only work with people you love. Affectionatly dubbed, "The Hive", BugByte Studios helps the artist cozy into to a highly creative, nurturing environment that puts even the most anxious of performers at ease. A favorite creative space for local pro players, collaboration is among our treasured artistic habits. Love, joy and vulnerability are at the core of Francesca's productions and is a lifestyle for our tribe! 
Francesca is one of the few people I've met in the industry that I refer to as a musical genius.”

— Lorraine Cogan (CEO Advin Biotech), San Diego, CA

Francesca is the most talented and hardworking musician I know. She is the complete package.”

— Jacob Powell (Sound Engineer), New York, New York

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One of the best coaches you can find. I highly recommend her to any singer or musician seeking to better your recordings. ”

— Mike Bowman (Recording Artist) Gainsville, FL

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